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FFP2 Face Masks and Face Visors Update


We have stock available of  FFP2 masks and Full Face visors 

As per the recent government announcement from 1st May until 31st July 2020  PPE sold by Dental Hygienics and our sister company Steri Products will be zero rated therefore Vat free.

For more information or to place your order of face masks or visors please contact our customer services team on 01787 877877

All orders will be fulfilled by our sister company Steri Products


Brand: Mocom
B Classic Complete reliability Designed to ensure maximum safety and reliability standards, cycle after cycle.Three available volumes and six different water filling options The B Classic makes work easier by optimising times and costs. High-level quality and functions guarantee safety, reliability ..
Brand: Mocom
B Futura Upgrading the best Designed to make your life easier, reduce costs and guarantee higher efficiency. Equipped with advanced connectivity and traceability systems, Futura raises the bar further up in the sterilization world.The first one capable of using tap waterIncorporated filtration in ..
Brand: Mocom
Supreme Reshaping the sterilization world With its unrivaled low consumption, Supreme is the new market benchmark.50 sterilization cycles with just 5 litres of tap waterConsumption is approx. 100 ml/cycleWe developed the first closed-loop sterilizer that uses mains through a specific internal..
Brand: Mocom
Tethys H10 Plus The Evolution of Disinfection Designed to give you the best. The best performance in a simple and fast work-flow. An innovative device that replaces the numerous manual tasks typical of the stages preceding sterilization, thus reducing the operator’s workloads. Tethys H10 Plus makes ..
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